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carina sim hui juan
31st of March '1992
Fifteen! (:
Yangzheng Primary School
CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School
SNSB Trumpets :D

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Baking with Carina Sim Hui Juan is dammmmmmmmmmmn fun.
I'm like slacking while she's at the oven decorating the cookies with Icing.
We're like going for watchnight later.
Till 3 plus 4 am, I'll be seeing girlfrs for such long hourssssss.
Carina lurbvexxxxxzzzzzzzz me worhhxxxxzzzzzzzz
And I shall stop here cause I don't know what comes after this colour.
So goodbye.

; i'm more than just that.

Monday, August 20, 2007

haha yepp so i spent my friday night over at cassandra's house :D ahahha went home after band to pack some stuffs.. ahah [alrights its not really some.. haha bagS ended up heavy.. ): haha] and yes.. argh! hahahahhah had some SICK topic in my room :p ahhahah [you were the one who came up with that k.. not me!] :D ahahahha yea hahaha after dilly-dallying much, we left at around nine.. 88ed down to pasirris.. hahaha grabbed some snacks from 7-11.. ahha and yepp walked to her house :D ahahahha heex had lots and lots of fun :D aahahahahha we were super guai and sat down and did homework.. ahhaha and watched mtv and high school musical [songs parts only ahahah!] yea.. heex slept at around 2++3.. hahahah on her mummy's bed.. :/ hahah yea.. heex her mummy's reallyreally funny :D ahahahahha umm :D ahha! [her grandmother also lah! ahah :D] alrights haha planned to wake up at 8 to continue on hw.. haha but heex :p in the end we woke up at around 11? haha not that sure.. ahhaha cassandra woke up first lah :D ahahah umm her father bought lunch for us :) ahahha yummy :D haha was guai all the way hahah till 3 plus.. ahha then bathed.. ahha cause needed to go for youth le.. ahahahha umm :D heex didnt eat the pizza that was ordered for cassandra's grandmother.. ahhahaha mans they are all funny peeps :p ahahhaha kkz ahahah yea.. and so cassandra walked me to the busstop:D haha alrights ahahahha :D :D :D reached church.. late.. )= hahahah yea :/ had youth :D haha umm ended early.. haha short lesson :) so after some time, everybody went to simpang for dinner.. ahhaha yea.. :D so many peeps ate fish and chips! hahah sadly, there wasnt ian when he was needed.. ahahhaha :D umm haha then we went back for worship prac... haha yupps i needed to type ohp.. haha umm hahahaha :D watched my first midnight movie!! :D ahahha and it was bourne ultimatum too :D ahahahhaha yippee.. ahha but sort of missed the first ten minutes of the show.. hahaha abit we boarded the bus [10!] from church there at 11.14 [yes christina's bus ticket's the proof hahahaha] when the movie started at 11.15.. ahahha supposedly.. hahaha yea.. aiyoaiyo hahaha :D cause we waited for like 45 to 50 mins hahahah for the freaking bus.. ahhaha serious i nv exaggerate k.. ahahha we reached the busstop at around 10 twenty ++.. ahahha heex but haha :D anyway the bus uncle was quite cute.. ahahha he kept smiling (: ahahahhahahaha yes.. heex talked to him and all and yupps there was this fire thingy going on.. haha thats why it was so super delayed. aahahha yea.. anyway back to my movie :D ahahah the bourne ultimatum is damn cool :p ahahhahaha matt damon :D ahahahaha kkz ahha umm :D :D :D it ended at around 1am.. haha yea.. so we cabbed to charmian's house.. umm haha anyway we were at century square... ahahaha yupps :D slept in charissa's room that night :D while she slept in her parents' room lor :D umm hahah sort of froze.. ahha hmm! i forgot to mention that i had a super bad dream.. haha the night before.. in cassandra's house.. ahhaha i dreamt that [location: school's d&t room ahah] peakle was somehow taken away and his stuffings/brains:D were used as the stuffings for some bearbear.. hahaha cassandra told me bout the bearbear workshop before.. hahaha yea.. and yes when i told her about my dream, she said she will be the one who's going to use Peakle's stuffings for the bearbear!! ahh! ahahah yea.. )= :D ahahhahaha mans.. heex yupps haha hmm.. anywayanyway, i woke up at my supposedly time of 9am on sunday morning.. ahha yea.. latest so far.. ahahahha heex cause abit now im at pasirris and not angmokio.. ahahhaha yea.. heex charmian, charissa and i then cabbed to church.. haha yea.. had a rather short sermon too that day.. hahah yea.. read some of my favourite verses :D haha yea :D 2 Timothy 1:7 :D umm hahaha yepps after some time, the usual lunch peeps haha went off for lunch.. haha hmm but we went to east point that day.. haha rather than the usual tm or centurysq or simpang or ws.. hahahahaha umm:D walkwalk lor.. haha yea :D heex then went back to whitesands.. haha :D
haha yea.. alrights this saturday my papa and mummy are coming home alr.. haha no more of the above.. hahahahha argh.. yes.. ahhahaha :D heex alrights i shall go and study for social studies alr lah )= haha haiz.. ahahhaha sighs.. ahhaha heex alrights.. deterrence... diplomacy... -.- ahahahahah kkz heex :D abit the book has been opened for the whole period of time when i was typing all these.. ahahha opened at the same page.. ahhaha kkz heex :D
(: byebye!

; i'm more than just that.

Friday, August 03, 2007

haha yea.. )= heex
hmm anyway, maybe this week i can say was rather crazy with apples everyday and lots of crazy bus rides.. ahhaha peep who drops his beloved cigarette to my shoe there and i didnt know and was sort of making way, lots of "way"/space[i even held up my bag!] for him to get past but apparently he didnt and made me wonder too fat or something-.-[heex no offence] but in the end it was cause yea.. his cigarette sort of rolled to where i was standing at.. ahah yepp and also another guy who doesnt know how to move it and thus ended up laughing as he has alr somehow moved the total distance of two seats plus the door and still is blocking me and so got me to laugh back at him.. in a friendly manner of course. ahah cassandra said i laughed loudly.. ahahhaha yepp caused we had just watched THE SIMPSONS with cheryl too :D and so yepp was in the laughing mode i suppose.. ahahah!! it was super entertaining with spiderpigs and some nice anti-pollution storyline if not you'll get trapped in a dome if not for some quicksand-sandpit.. aahhahaa! and yes. another super funny bus experience was the time when cassandra purposely hid from me when she got up the upper deck of 88.. ahhaha and made me look around and all for her.. )= ahahhah!! but ha! found her laughing her head off and thus sat down and smacked her hard[loudly but dont think its painful bah :D hahah!! im nice k] yea as she was sort of doubling over with laughter.. ahaha nice surface area to smack.. her back :p ahhaha! heex anyway im going back to school tomorrow morning with jessling to scrape off the spray paint in the 'toilet'. ahahha our spent-super-long-time-in-it toilet. hahaha having hands of drug addicts now.. ahahaha alright heex exaggerating... ahahah oops. yepp anyway haha umm i used my nail polish remover to get some thinner cum red and green spray paint stains off my hands alr.. haha the colour ended up being purple mans.. haha decomposed. hahaha!! argh blogging is unstoppable.. ahhaha i mean yea.. why my posts are always so long huh?! ahahahah diao heex alright and seldom:p too.. ahha sobs.. heex ;p yea.. alright shall stop here.. hahaha i want to read my book alr!! ahahah now's like reading season.. ahhaha must be because of harry potter mans... ahahah!! alrights heex im reading some equally thick book and finishing too.. haha yeah! :D and then gonna start on another one.. ahah brought home both today.. ahha [and yes cassandra, this is the reason why my bag's as heavy as a rock just now ahah!!] umm heex spent the whole evening of three hours reading last night.. ahaha believe it or not.. haha ok whats so unbelievable.. ahaha diao yea.. cos umm this week's rather not-so-testsy :D :D :D but argh)))= its sort of over.. ahahhaha ha nvm.. next week is national day and yepp hols please. ahaha!! aiyo mans im supposed to stop like now! yes now. ahhaha (:
i just blogged-.-
AHAH! :p

; i'm more than just that.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

haha this week was seriously tiring.. dont know what will happen next week mans.. haha the killer week..
each day = five hours of sleep + two hours eating time + 24-5-2 seventeen hours up awake and working. ahahhahah school band school band tests lessons rhapsody tests homework... shit. ahahahah haiz but yea once again its the weekends again.. ahah the short pathetic two days of rare rests. ahahahhahahaha rare rests-.- ahahahha however this upcoming week is somewhat deadly? hahaha shall not elaborate on all the different kinds and genres of tests alr.. ahahaha!! im quite happy hahaha as my diary/handbook is rather pretty this few days.. ahahahaha into decorating it and all. ahhaha with all the post its [joanne's :D] and all.. hahah schedules like filled.. ahhaha alright lame.. hahah nvm im currently into reading books again!! ahahahah diao borrowed a book from jessling :D ahahah sex, lies and online dating. ahahha its a good novel k.. hahha though rather sick only. haha
anyway, time passes very fast huh.. ahhaha week four's over alr.. ahahhahah. apparently ms rocky told us that eoys are like in term four week four i think.. ahhahah ten more freaking weeks.. ahahhaha great.
yea jane and i went to pioneer junior college on wednesday for investiture(: haha mans our journey there was indeed indescribable.. hahahahha the school was like buried deep in choachukang.. hahahhaha firstly, we took 76 to yiochukang mrt station. haha in a slight drizzle in our invest u.. ahahha mans.. but we didnt wear the vest and yet of course:/ ahahha read on and will be glad we didnt. ahahhahahaha mans.. so yepp trained down to choachukang.. lrt-ed to some phoenix station.. then bused down to some oolu bus stop.. meanwhile checking out the board at the bus stop.. haha asked the bus driver and a girl in the end only to find out we were at the wrong stop.. haha "pioneer jc is quite far from here" )= ahhahaha had to be seated by 2.45 and yea stranded at some oolu place and its 2.30 alr.. ahhahahah yepp crossed the overhead bridge with schoolbag, schoolbag, paperbag all and yepp bused up one stop.. ahhahahah if im not wrong.. we walked i think.. when we alighted. haha walked on some oolu wet-after-rain pavement which was super near the road and all.. ahhaha perspiring like some leaking tap lah. hahaha and yepp saw two girls crossing some grass patch and so we walked towards them.. think they were from pioneer and leaving alr.. haha yepp so jane and i followed their instructions and walked on wooden planks and slabs of concrete and soil and climbed over the railings of a small longkang and walked across it on the three planks of wood placed there for peeps to walk across i suppose.. haha yea then we walked across the train track to which were in the way.. ahahha the olden days copper coloured traintrack out in the open on the small stones kind.. hahaha yea.. had asked the girls what to if the train comes.. ahah and their reply was," RUN! then RUN!" ahahaha something like that.. hahahaha yea.. we ended up walking the wrong direction, away from the school as directed by their own school peeps.. and only knew bout it when we arrived at a different looking part of a building after walking a stretch of mudsoil.. haha and asked some guys who were from another school i suppose that were playing around with a ball.. so we walked back lor.. the stretch of mudsoil..
haha and ended up in pioneer after some time.. hahha yes after some time..haha went to the toilet immediately and yes.. washed up and wore the remaining parts of our invest u.. ahah.. my blazer was humongous.. ahahha xxl-.- and jane kept laughing.. hahha i only managed to get the vest and blazer during recess time..so quite rush then no time to really try on.. hahahahaha but yea still have to thank natnat!! :D hahaha she lent me her skirt and blouse (: hahahaha and helped me alotalotalot!! :D yea :D heex sat through their whole invest (: passing on from the seventh student council to the eighth student council.. yea ahah then had a tour around their school led by two guys from the eighth comm.. haha quitequite humorous bah.. ahhahahahah yea then we ate some refreshment stuffs haha yepp i like the puffs.. ahah and waffles ahaha jane and i ate our full before leaving :p ahahha!! hey we didnt had lunch k.. hahahahha yea.. heex so we followed the crowd and all and arrived at the bus stop and bused down to choachukang.. hahah and yepp trained and bused home lor..
haha yupps.. and my mummy cut off my phone line for two days ahah cause i was naughty.. ahahhaha!! yepp haiz.. uh.. haha
alright shall stop alr.. tons of work and so little time..
leaving for church soon anyway (: ahahaha yepp
and theres cip tomorrow.. wont be going to church )= yea haha... umm alrights bye. (: haha

; i'm more than just that.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

home from youth.. haha had no duty so bus-ed back after dinner.. haha or rather after collecting my bag from church.. ahahha yep drank ice milo.. haha cause my mother smsed me that she cooked curry at home.. haha yea.. argh ahha so yep just ate.. ahah
anyway, today was our first cell version of youth (: we split into junior youths and senior youths.. haha led worship with pearlyn :D and jonathan played the guitar (: haha we treated him to soyabean after that.. haha :D yepp had the intro bout our new lesson topics by aunty rebecca.. hahah yepp talked bout some misconceptions bout Jesus and yep we have to find a partner in school and talk to that peep bout what we learned every lesson.. hahah yea something like that(:
haha yepp tomorrow is the outreach by Church of God alr and also with the philippines youth people.. as in the filippinos in singapore.. haha we're are going after church i suppose.. yepp haha

; i'm more than just that.

anyway all these is for friday 13.07.07! :D haha

; i'm more than just that.

i woke up at 6.o9 am this morning.. earlier by nine minutes than other days.. haha [one snooze period earlier] haha! yea. and my mummy made egg sandwich for breakfast too.. haha quite rare as its so early in the mornings and all.. haha yea. however, by the time i finished eating, it was like ahh 6.45 alr.. haha yepp and )= i missed both lifts.. yes both.. haha climbed down and up again.. haha and i missed the bus too.. hahah thus made friends with this sec one clarinets peep called xinyi :D ahahahahahaha yea.. she was late too ahahah! so we were both late together.. because the bus took so loooong to come! haha yepp even resorted to maybe take a cab [my hard earned savings.. )': sobs ahah] yea but mans.. there werent even any cabs-.- haha yepp
in the end, we still made it to school ahha glad assembly wasnt on the track this morning.. haha thanks to temperature taking.. so yepps prefects took down names and all then went to class as usual.. (: ahah
blah [[physics math chem[mole:'/=gonecase] recess(: chinese[rum&raisin :D] english-.- math]]
haha yepp i love ritter sport rum and raisin flavour! :p ahahaha heex :D
then there was band after school.. haha gossiped alot or rather heard alot bout yea.. hahaha argh then all the hungry peeps went up to the canteen for lunch.. hahahaha yepp packed the section area together with grace when regina was taking the sec twos for drills.. ahha yea.. so neat now :D ahah umm then practised rhapsody.. haha dont want to die like on thursday again.. haha yea.. get the last page right carina! ahh yepp haha left earlier at around 5.30 as i needed to go home to put down all the super heavy stuffs that i was carrying.. haha and also to bathe and change for we were going to charlene's house to celebrate jieying's birthday in the evening (: haha yea.. my trumpet, the paper bag with the presents and my clothes, physics tb, egeog wb, thirds file and 3D band book in my arms.. haha plus one heavy stuffed bag.. haha yea.. )= so not will i make it to charlene's house this way man... haha totally gonecase if my bag snap or something.. hahahaha yea.
heex waited for jane for a few minutes at the busstop as she went to get the flowers for jieying.. haha yea.. purple! hahahahah yupp but it was pretty and all :D and pokey.. ahahahhahaha we then walked to charlene's house.. haha seriously forgot the way there mans.. haha good thing there was jane:D haha only shumei and charlene were there.. then slowly everybody came :D haha charlene, yunqi, shumei, me, jiayin, zina and jane:D ahahah )= yuan jun couldnt make it i think.. yea.. haha ate pizzas and potato chips and cakee :D ahahhaa everything was super fun and all.. :D watched the 'porn' clip that charlene and shumei made for jieying:D hahaha super humourous!!! :p and scandal ar.. ahahhahah kkz jkjk :D then we went back downstairs and started reminiscing bout the past.. haha [hoped i didnt spell the word wrongly or anything.. too lazy to go check the dictionary now-.- so late alr.. haha 1 plus am.. mother :O alr.. ahha] i miss yangzheng and everybody!!! )= ahhahaha yea.. thinking bout all our fun moments :p argh then it was ten plus eleven and thus we began taking photos and all as we needed to go home alr.. ahhahaha yupp took all sorts of funny and weird poses and all :D acted cute and stuffs.. ahahahah :p heex.. yea.. then all of us went home! :D ahah jogged down the slope with yunqi ahahha!! as both of us needed to GET HOME NOW that sort.. ahah and the 45 bus was alr at the traffic light.. ahahah glad i managed to catch that bus man.. haha yepp
bought some bread/bun thingy from the just-opened 'pasar malam' below my house.. haha yepps.. with my mummy.. haha kkz heex i better stop alr :D ahah
tomorrow got to lead GEL junior youth worship with pearlyn (: haha yea.. so need to reach church earlier.. ahah jonathan's playing the guitar :D ahhaha yeah! ahhaha at least there's some proper chords to cover up my "zhaosianess".. ahah mans!!! erm of course i mean myself mans.. haha i cant sing!! hahahhaha not pearlyn lah hahaha i conclude that she can sing :D haha since mission trip and all :p yea! hahahhaha yeah ahah :D
alrights haha goodnight and sweetdreams :D ahhaha dont say my blog is dead and all ar!!

ahah yea anyway, i like the 3p's class tee!! haha [hmm its 3p right? haha er... hahahah yea the duck's super cute!! hhahahah mans.. haha] hmm anywayanyway, jaslyn, shaowen and i went to collect our class tees on wednesday! ahahha went down to toapayoh after school.. [saw the crowded swimming complex ahah!] yea.. of course, i like our class tees too!! :D ahahhaha keep the faith THE DUCK haha yea.. :D took connexio photos on thursday! with joanne, jessling, cassandra and zhiyan (: yepp ahah...

ahh yes. i will stop here!

; i'm more than just that.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

haha yepp after church, we went to my neice's one month old party :D haha her name is corrine! super tiny and all.. hahaha yea but still as well-loved :D hahaha umm! glady's new meimei!! :D ahahhahaha yippee :D hahaha yepp stayed around at mama's house.. ate lunch and played with nicholas and the girls :D haha super cute kids.. ahhaha :p yeah :D then irenejiejie drove us home:D haha umm (:

; i'm more than just that.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

wishing all a happy live earth day! (:

; i'm more than just that.